V’s Online Membership Program


Sometimes life can be crazy busy.

Between work, appointments, and obligations, sometimes all you want to do is zone out in front of the computer. My membership program helps you do just that—in a positive, healing, and fulfilling way!

I offer two levels at this time. The first, “Wallflower”, is for those who have never had a one-on-one with me before. Test the waters of the benefits of V’s Modern Therapy, join other members for a weekly Monday Live Meditation and Q&A, and receive an invite to my closed Facebook group where you can continue the conversation at your convenience.

The “Spiritual Graduate” is exclusive for those who have completed my Wake-Up Package and are looking for a little spiritual maintenance on their own schedule.

I look forward to seeing you next Monday!


For the newbie, join us every Monday and interact with other members online—all from the comfort of your couch

Live Guided Meditation

Every Monday Night
LIVE at 9 pm CST.

Each week when we meditate, V taps into the energy of the group and the world, weaving in topics that are specific for the individuals making up the group. Beyond bring you a relaxing experience she provides simple solutions and tools through her energy and words that can be immediately applied to your life and assist you at the start of your week.

Think of this as an experiential self-help book – just by being on the call and connecting to the group you are magnifying your world.

Collective Exchange

Join a members-only closed Facebook group.

This is where the magic happens. You will be the first to take part of a diverse, growing community that respects and supports your sacred spiritual journey. I’ll be sharing the resources I discover from week to week to start the conversation—the connections and collaborations are endless!

Think of it as a kind of “fitness club” membership—you’ll have all the tools you need to continue exercising your spiritual muscle, when and where you want them, but with bonuses and access to a lively online community to keep you accountable and motivated!

These special added options are for those who have “graduated” from my Wake Up program. Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Dynamic Conversation

A one-on-one with V every month

This option is for the Spiritual Graduates only.

Get your grip every month with a 30 minute personal session with V— over Facetime, Skype or the phone—once a month for every month you’re a paid member. Additional time and in-person sessions are also available.

As a Spiritual Graduate, you will receive access to book your session through an online booking system. This will allow you the flexibility to fit it in when you have time.

Free Class Pass!

Come to my monthly classes for free, online or in-person.

Every month at least once a month, I hold a guided meditation addressing a major issue that comes up in my conversations with clients and friends, and among other members. While the format for the classes are similar, the experience and vibes we create together are completely unique to each class. Let’s clear some of that air!

Each class is around 90 minutes long, and can be attended either through a live stream on my website (complete with a live chat and Q&A), as well as in-person at my downtown Minneapolis loft space.

Reserve your spot through the shop while signed into your Spiritual Graduate account, and fees will be taken off at checkout! That’s it!


Membership Levels

The Wallflower

This is a great option for those who aren’t ready to commit to booking individual sessions with Vanessa, or for those who are simply seeking a little guidance and community support.

Membership starts at $15 the first month, and $25 each month afterwards.

This option includes:

  • Group Guided Meditation
  • Collective Exchange
  • Dynamic Conversation
  • 15% off the list price of the Wake-Up Package
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The Spiritual Graduate

This level is an exclusive offering for my clients who have gone through my Wake-Up program.

Membership starts at $50 the first month, and $75 each month afterwards.

This option includes:

  • Group Guided Meditation
  • Collective Exchange
  • Dynamic Conversation
  • Free entry to V’s Classes, online or in-person
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Membership Q&A

V’s Guided Healing Meditations is for the inexperienced and experienced alike! Members find that the weekly group meditations have lasting effects that ripple throughout their lives, waking and sleeping.
Meditating with a group is more powerful – magnifying your personal requests out to the world.

When we do this, beauty and magic show up exponentially at the individual level.

Some of the benefits members have cited:

  • They have never connected with themselves this deeply before.
  • They become so relaxed they simply fall asleep.
  • The healing continues into their dreams.
  • They haven’t had this good of a night sleep for years.
It’s easy to keep up with the program.

  • Click the Member Panel menu (purple triangle with +) in the upper right of the website.
  • Log in using your chosen user name and password.
  • You will receive a reminder email mid-day every Monday before the Live Group Meditation.
  • Spiritual Graduates can register for free for any class through the shop. All fees will be deducted at checkout so long as they are signed into their account on www.vanessafeils.com

Spiritual Graduate members also have access to an online booking system to choose the time for their 30 minute one-on-one with V.

You can cancel at anytime, or request a suspension if you need a more structured package.

Cancellations must be made before the 15th of the month, to avoid being charged the following month.

Please no freeloading! Don’t take advantage of my gift to you. Only 1 free trail per person. If you enjoyed your trial please consider signing up as a Wallflower to continue your journey with me or book a Discovery Call to see how I can help you.

Please respect the opinions of others and use common sense in the Live Meditation page chat and the Facebook group.

Disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to discontinue the Membership Trial of anyone who abuses the rules.

Repeat abuse of the Membership Trial or any of it’s facets will result in a permanent ban to further services from Vanessa Feils, Inc.